His joy, His season

It’s funny that I should be writing a blog that’s filled with Christmas cheer, feeling rockbottom. But evidently, that’s where Jesus comes alive. When you sense rockbottom, 50 feet of mud and then you.

A priest who marked the 45th year of his ordination recently, defined JOY as Jesus, Others and You. It should be in that exact order :O) All of these relationships need to be in perfect shape for you to be in JOY.

This Christmas and New Year, focus on Him who died for you. Do things that will bring you closer to Him and strengthen yourself with His power to walk in His plan for you, not yours.

Do anything humanly possible to bring joy to your family, your friends and the stranger you meet. It is in giving that we truly receive. Love overcomes everything.

Take care of yourself. Jesus did. A break, quality time with God and loved ones, recharges one beyond compare.

May His joy be yours this Christmas, New Year and  may it stay until eternity!

And in your darkest moments, always look for the hidden blessings.

I promise they are there :O)