Facing those Brook Besor moments…

I believe all Christians face something Max Lucado referred to as a Brook Besor moment :O) When even your dearest abandon you and you are in total shock.

David and 600 men came to Ziklag after winning a fine victory, but they found the camp looted by Amalekites, their town razed to the ground and their wives and children kidnapped (1 Samuel, Chapter 30) David’s own women were not spared. Worse, the same men who had elevated David to king minutes ago, now wanted to stone him. Anger, grief and resentment was directed at the wrong man – David – who then ENCOURAGED HIMSELF IN THE LORD (Verse 6) David then turned to his priest Abiathar for Godly counsel.

His strength regained, David lead his men back to battle, but at Brook Besor, 200 of them gave up completely. But the rest led by David won the battle, got their women back and David chose to play fair – when the men did not want to share their loot with those who did not go back to fight, David stood for justice, saying families did not do that sort of thing and men could not do that, to what the Lord had given them.

All alone, friendless and without a spouse by His side, David still encouraged himself in His God :O) Better still, he went the extra mile and proved his friendship to those who had deserted him. He who was deserted and accused by his trusted friends, just prayed, regained his strength and chose to be a friend :O)

Move few centuries later to the New Testament. Paul tells his beloved son in Christ, Timothy (2 Timothy Chapters 1 & 4) about how all his friends left him in his hour of pain – Phygelus, Hermogenes, Demas, Crescens, Titus. He speaks of how a man did him much harm and ALL DESERTED ME (Verse 16) But THE LORD STAYED WITH HIM and gave him strength :O) WOW.

You must be at your own Brook Besor moment today – when crisis has hit repeatedly and those who promised to stick close have fled and you have zero stamina left.

But remember, David won his friends back. By praying first and persistently remaining a friend :O)

Paul loved his young assistant Timothy and remembered his tears and wanted to see him (2 Timothy 1:4) He refers to Onesiphorus, who ‘cheered him up many times’, ‘was not ashamed’ that Paul was in prison and actually went looking for Paul all around Rome until he found him!

Praise God for friends like that. Who go the extra mile with you even when tired.

But all praise to Him who never left. Even on a hard-hitting Brook Besor day.

May HE be your own strength today! :O)

A believer at any cost…

One of the hardest things to do as a believer is to just believe :O)

That – ALL things, not just the good things, but the good and the bad – both, work together for good for those that trust in the Lord (Rom 8:28) That all our fervent prayers, and waits – on Him, will bring us exceptional gifts. We should pray and try – even staggeringly :O) and if unable to battle on our own, ask our Christian brothers and sisters to lift us up immediately – to believe at all times – that God is a good God who keeps ALL of His promises even when we are buffeted by crises, wounded by people or when our emotions are at their lowest.

One of the countless examples of God’s promise-keeping: When Elijah was going up to heaven, he asked his successor Elisha what he wanted. Elisha asked for a ’double portion’ of his master’s blessings. Traditionally, the double portion anointing belonged to the ‘first-born’ (although God has sometimes preferred the second to serve Him like in the case of Jacob over Esau) Elisha was not even Elijah’s son. But the Lord’s power was given to Elisha. Elijah had done 7 miracles during his lifetime and Elisha is credited with 13 in his lifetime.

Wonder why one less of double? :O)

God is NEVER wrong. After Elisha’s death and burial, a man’s body was thrown into his tomb - when the bones touched Elisha’s remains, the man came back to life (2 Kings 13:21) So we can see that God is never too late, never lies – Elisha did get EXACTLY double of what Elijah had – exactly what was promised to him was given to him. Amen.

When you don’t know what to do next: just believe.

Believe in the Lord Jesus.

When things go wrong, still praise God through it all – the depression, the insults, the rejection, the broken promises of the world, the tears, the whys and still cling on and believe Him. Raise up an army of friends to pray and believe with you when you get weary of the wait, and don’t quit.

BELIEVE. That our God is awesome, good, holy and that at least He keeps each and every one of His promises TO THE WORD! :O)